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Ms. Dez

For the past 16 years, Ms, Dez ~  Dez Stroumbas has been transforming children’s lives through her enrichment program Giggles n Groovin™, which led to the development of the Play, Say & Practice™ children’s character curriculum.

Ms. Dez captures the hearts of children, their parents and teachers with her insight into fun and creative ways to teach valuable lessons.

     Dez conducts teacher workshops and is an engaging public speaker, as she shares behavior modification tools to tame the tantrums and bring balance back to life.

   In the midst of her busy schedule she always finds time to sow seeds in her home garden. The joys and delights of hard work and patience serve as a reminder of things yet to come.

Ms Dez
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Angry as a Dinosaur 2 Lessons & Student Storyboard

Superheroes Save the Planet 3 Lessons & Student Storyboard

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Play, Say & Practice™ Character Development Curriculum

Play, Say & Practice™ Character Development Curriculum is a tested, effective tool for busy teachers, parents, and grandparents, or for anyone who is interested in making a difference in a child’s life. 

Why is play based learning so important?

Play is an important part of children’s learning and development, it is the language of children. Play helps children work through their emotions and learn about the world around them. While short-term achievement might seem important, the long-term benefits of childhood filled with play are far greater than a “4” on a standards based report card or progress report.

As education continues to move in the wrong direction, our youngest learners will suffer for it. When children have educational experiences that are not geared to their developmental level or in tune with their learning needs and cultures, it can cause them great harm, including feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and confusion. Perhaps it’s time we listen to the early childhood development experts?

Why is play based learning so important?

Lessons are interactive, include a comprehensive teacher guide and school/home connections.

  • Lessons provide multiple learning experiences
  • Promote healthy social, emotional, and cognitive development
  • ​Activities promote physical development
  • ​Foster discovery and independent learning
  • ​Encourage higher-order thinking skills
  • ​Provide relevant experiences using colorful characters​
  • Opportunities for problem solving solutions without fear of embarrassment
  • Interactive Storyboards allow for hands-on reinforcement, classroom collaboration and personal reflection

The Play, Say & Practice™ Character Development Curriculum

The Play, Say & Practice™ Character Development Curriculum feels like playtime, you guide children through social situations and empower them to act out feelings and concerns without fear of embarrassment. With the help of the characters you create together, children begin to recognize and modify their own behaviors.This launches the process of self-awarness and the ability to observe the impact of choices they make. These are critical coping skills and tools they’ll need for a lifetime. The best part? As you teach those crucial learning skills, everyone is having fantastic fun! The play based curriculum is a perfect fit for Pre K- 2nd Grade.

This play based curriculum  supports each child by offering carefully selected and sequenced learning experiences to foster healthy social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. The program allows children to develop tangible skills through experiences with music, art, storytelling, hands-on activities and teacher directed lessons that, in addition to skills development, emphasize practice and reflection.

Our teaching method follows this uncomplicated format:

PLAY through characters, endearing visuals, music, and activities children love.
SAY a simple script that’s included with every lesson guide.
PRACTICE the life lesson together, building their confidence so they will continue cultivating the behavior on their own.

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